About the Resort

Set on its own private peninsula and offering spectacular Aegean Sea views, Out of the Blue Resort is a unique luxury beach resort in Crete, equipped with an extensive collection of facilities and services, including all-suites (suites & maisonettes), bungalows, private-pool villas, wellness treatments and a multitude of leisure activities.


Located next to the traditional fishing village of Agia Pelagia, Out of the Blue Resort is a gorgeous hotel complex spread across an entire private peninsula and surrounded by magnificent views of the Aegean Sea.

The resort's stunning gardens are surrounded by a selection of three collections, each with its own concept and design, ranging from a modern-art inspired boutique hotel, bungalow style accommodation, all-suite hotel, maisonettes and villas with private pools.

The Perfect Destination

Crete is a fantastic mosaic of marvellous beaches, ancient ruins and breathtaking scenery. Its lively cities and picturesque villages are inhabited by wonderful people generously sharing their traditions, heavenly cuisine and proud way of life. The landscape changes tremendously depending on the location, with a distinct contrast between the north side of the island with its long, sandy beaches, large cities and booming nightlife, and the south coast where the terrain is rougher with a fascinating relief, large cliffs, mountainous roads and small villages.

The island can be cosmopolitan, traditional, isolated, bustling; offering diverse experiences depending on the visitor’s requirements. From 5 star luxury beachside resorts to traditional village lodges, secluded beaches to bustling museums and archaeological landmarks, there are great options for every visitor.

Crete’s gastronomy is a topic of its own. With a booming farming industry that makes the island self-sustainable for most products, Crete has a large variety of superb quality vegetables, meats, and seafood. Traditional recipes handed down between generations take full advantage of these ingredients, creating enchanting flavours that will make anyone fall in love with this corner of the world.