Minoan Amusement Club

Enjoy Our Minoan Amusement Club

"A splash of playfulness & amusement...!" Inspired by the famous Ancient Minoan Palace sites of Knossos, Phaistos and Malia, the Out of the Blue Resort features a re-designed fairyland and historical amusement park of about 4.000 sq. m. for children from 4 to 10,99 years of age and their parents. This unique park in our family resort in Crete is open to the hotel guests who wish to experience this, one-of-a-kind for Greece, play land.

This Minoan Amusement Park is the only Minoan Mythological Park in Greece and will introduce children to the world of Minoan and Greek Mythology where the Ancient World will revive in front of their playful eyes. It consists of a main Minoan Palace with various facilities and a range of outdoor game areas.

The Minoan Amusement Park is located on the west section of the peninsula and close to the Classic Collection bungalow-suites and maisonettes. Surrounded by expansive gardens and cultural richness this Aegean landmark is inviting everyone to relive the Minoan myths.


A unique outdoor game with more than 20 communicating rooms with Minoan decorations where the winner reaches Ariadne's clew and the loser falls into the Minotaur's trap. Including the Archaeologist Game: An area in our family resort in Crete where children will take the role of the Archaeologists, wear casks and carry lambs for unique archaeological treasure hunting and puzzle game.